All Secure Self Storage is proud to announce our New Insurance Policy for Customers


Why you need to take out Insurance whilst your goods are in Storage? We know your possessions are valuable enough to store them, so why not insure them against the unforeseen. Whilst the facility does everything possible to ensure your goods are safe and secure there are some things that cannot be guaranteed to protect your goods against such as fire and flood. Note: The storage facilities insurance does not cover your units contents.

Unfortunately the majority of home & contents insurance policies either don’t cover your valuables in storage, or if they do offer any cover, this is on very restrictive terms provided you have remembered to advise them first.

As a solution to this, All Secure Self Storage has partnered with Wallace McLean Ltd Insurance brokers, who are specialists in Self Storage Insurance and have developed a tailor made insurance policy to meet your storage insurance needs.

Customer Insurance – Revised Policy Offering

Wallace McLean has developed a brand new Customer Insurance Policy including Transit Insurance options.

Major Policy Benefits / Changes 

Benefit / Change Existing Product New Offering
Maximum Sum Insured any one Unit $60,000 $75,000
Policy Excess (Standard) $500 $250
Policy Excess (Natural Disaster) $2,500 $2,500
Gradual Damage Limit No cover $10,000
Mould, Moth, Insect, Vermin Damage No cover $5,000
Transit Insurance option No cover To match the value of goods insured in storage.

There is no change to the existing cost of insurance (the exception of transit insurance as it is an optional add on to your policy).

Transit Insurance – The Transit Insurance options are an optional add on to your Policy and have also been included on to this certificate. You will need to tick which option the Customer wants (either option A or B) and specify the Sum Insured.

The 2 options of cover available are:

  • Option A: Premier (an all Risk based cover) Not for Owner packed / transported goods
  • Option B: Basic Cover (Defined Perils cover to be used for Owner packed / transported Goods
  • Transit Insurance is only available when the customers elects to have Storage Insurance.

What happens to the existing Customer policies?

There is no disadvantage to our current customer policy coverage, the new offering will take over from your existing Customers Insurance Policy with All Secure Self Storage.

Whilst in Storage:
Your insurance covers loss or damage to insured property for the following specified events: (Policy Sub limits may apply)

  • fire, explosion or lightning;
  • storm and/or flood and/or water damage caused by broken or burst pipes;
  • impact by motor vehicles, or animals, or aircraft and other aerial devices and articles dropped therefrom;
  • burglary from a securely locked building or storage unit;
  • theft of motor vehicles and/or trailers and/or watercraft less than 9 meters in length whilst stored in the open yard of the storage facility;
  • earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption or hydro-thermal activity.
  • Gradual Damage (New additions)
  • Damage as a result of Moth, Insect or Vermin Damage (New additions)

NOTE: Any loss or damage that is not caused by one of these specified events is not covered under this insurance.

Not all property is covered by this insurance. In addition to other exclusions in the Master Policy, the following property is specifically excluded:

  • any flammable liquid or gas;
  • any property prohibited by the conditions of the hire agreement;
  • any corrosive chemical or nitrate;
  • tobacco or cigarettes;
  • wine, beer or other alcohol if the total value exceeds NZD 5,000;
  • paint;
  • tyres in bulk (where the value exceeds NZD 1,000);
  • perishable goods;
  • money, coin and/or stamp collections, deeds, securities or other negotiable instruments;
  • jewelry, watches or furs;
  • property that is not contained in a securely locked storage unit, other than motor vehicles and/or trailers and/or watercraft less than nine (9) meters in length stored in the open but within the storage facility perimeter;
  • theft of motor vehicle, trailer or watercraft accessories unless the entire motor vehicle, trailer or watercraft has been stolen;
  • artworks, curios and paintings if the total value exceeds NZD 5,000
  • photographic equipment, video and/or audio equipment, computers or any other electronic equipment if the total value exceeds NZD 5,000

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Insurance Cover just got better!