About Us

All Secure Self Storage earlier this year got into Partnership with Cure Kids as an Associate Partner. With this the Team has got behind the cause with Cure Kids events such as the Boot Camp and Functions. We are also getting our customers to support the cause of this amazing Charity with add $1 to your bill and also looking at business to help sponsor the Team in their events and adventures.

Cure Kids is about finding cures and better treatments for serious illnesses and conditions that affect many of our children. Their Mission is to improve the health of children through research and its outcomes. The company was established over 35 years ago to address the lack of research into life-threatening childhood illnesses in New Zealand. During that time, they have invested over $36 million in vital medical research. This research has helped save many young lives and improved the quality of life for thousands of children.

Over the years, Cure Kids has funded research advancements in diseases such as childhood leukaemia, Long QT Syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cot death, genetic research, and asthma. Today, they are more committed than ever to help find answers to the many serious illnesses and conditions that impact the lives of young children and their families.

“We’ve made huge progress, and have saved many, many lives. But there are still thousands of children living with life-threatening illnesses. We won’t rest until we find the cures for the illnesses that affect children and their families.” Vicki Lee, Cure Kids CEO

So please follow our Blog and Facebook updates and give a little to help this amazing cause, Kids are the Future so help protect the Future