All Secure Group are delighted to announce that they have entered into a long term relationship with the Wellington Lions Premier Championship Team.

This will see our logo displayed on the sleeve of the teams playing jersey as well as other benefits and promotional opportunities.

We see substantial mutual benefits in being associated with such a strong member and supporter of the Wellington community.

Being the self storage partner of the Wellington Lions, we will take great joy in looking after all their storage needs and while we can’t claim the longevity of the Lions, since 1871, we can claim to being one of the fore runners of the self storage industry in Wellington.

We know the province has a very proud history of producing outstanding players – 165 All Blacks so far! and will continue to do so.

On formalising the relationship with the Lions, All Secure’s Chief Executive, Keith Edwards said;

“We see what the Lions are trying to achieve on and off the field and we certainly want to be associated with that. Team culture is a strong focus of ours and we see this reflected in the Lions.”